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how to stop hair fall with home remedies | Tips for fast hair growth

In today’s time, hair fall has become a big problem in younger age people’s life. Be it, women or men, everyone is troubled by the problem of hair fall. Half the concern of most people is related to hair fall.

Experts believe that there can be many reasons for hair breakage. Like long illness, physical or mental stress, side-effects of medicines and a big reason are disturbances in our diet. Whatever diet we take nowadays. The nutrients present in them do not reach our hair. Which is very necessary for our hair and for their growth. When these nutrients do not reach our hair, then we have to deal with the problem of hair breakage.

I would like to tell you that people adopt many Indian Home remedies methods, but their hair breakage problem persists. But guys don’t be discouraged. I’m going to tell you a few ways. Which you can get rid of the problem of hair breakage or fall forever by doing it cheaply and for less money. Come friends, here are some tips that I (Jitendra k Brajwasi ) am going to tell.

Home Remedies Tips For Hair Growth –

1- Massaging the hair – By massaging your hair, you can stop the problem of hair fall. You should massage your hair one hour before taking a bath. Then go take a bath. Massaging makes your hair less dry. Due to which the hair will break less while combing hair. Massage increases blood flow to the hair. Hair growth also takes place. And they also get strength. And by massaging, we get relief from stress and also get relief. You can use coconut or almond oil, olive oil, castor oil, or other oils for yourself. And you can massage your hair twice a week or even more times. You can also massage your hair before sleeping. By doing this gradually you will start getting results.

Home Remedies Tips For Hair Growth Home Remedies Tips For Hair Growth

2- Amla – In the second remedy, you can use Amla or Amla oil. Because it has a good amount of vitamin C in it. Which is beneficial for our body as well as our hair. You can use Amla or Amla oil for good fast hair growth, dark and shiny hair.

how to help amla oil for hair growth how to help amla oil for hair growth

3- Fenugreek – Fenugreek is our third remedy. Friends, you must be thinking that how fenugreek can stop hair fall. But friends, fenugreek is a very good home remedy. Which can reduce hair fall. Fenugreek is very effective in preventing hair Breakage. Because fenugreek seeds contain a good amount of hormones. Which helps in the growth of our hair and hair growth again. It also contains protein and an acid called nicotinic, which helps for hair growth.






4- Onion juice – Onion juice, yes friends, where onion is mostly used in food. But now we can use it in the problem of hair fall or breakage, and at the same time, it helps in the re-growth of hair. Because onion juice is useful in solving our hair problem. Because onion juice has a fair amount of sulfur content. It works in the circulation of blood in our hair follicles. Helps to regenerate hair follicles. Due to which hair fall is reduced. And onion juice has the ability to kill small germs and parasites. So that our hair falls less. And helps in the re-growth of hair.

5- Aloe Vera – This is our last and fifth remedy to stop hair fall and breakageAloe Vera because aloe Vera is very good for our body skin as well as hair. Which helps in hair growth and straightening. The daily use of aloe Vera can reduce the itching of the scalp. It can also reduce the swelling of the head, and the roots of our hair become strong. And our hair also grows. Due to this, our hair becomes black and shiny. Hair breakage is also reduced by aloe Vera. For which you can use aloe Vera gel or oil.

aloe vera for hair regrow aloe vera for hair regrow

• So friends, we have shared five measures here. I think you must have liked this information.  And friends, if there is anything related to your hair,

Friends, do you want to finish your hair-related problems like – hair fall, hair breakage, hair regrowth, etc. by Indian home remedies then you can send us a message in the comment box. And We will reply to them as soon as possible.